Designing a whole bathroom can be downright stressful for some people. There are many elements to decide on: starting from the fittings to the color of the floor. There are also a lot of seemingly insignificant details that may actually affect your whole experience, like the dispenser style of your shower or the flush knob of your toilet.

This is where the skills and the knowledge of highly trained bathroom designers can help you.

Atlas Bathroom Remodelling offers a dedicated team of engineers who will take the time to understand your needs and priorities first. This allows us to provide the best service at all times, and go the extra mile to give you a delightful shower experience.

Bathroom cabinets have to be installed with two basic qualities in mind – they should be convenient to use and, at the same time, shouldn’t take up too much space. Ironically enough, people often want their bathroom cabinets to have enough room as well.

The Atlas Bathroom Remodelling team clearly knows and understands all of your concerns. We can offer practical suggestions on everything from cabinet design to placement, for the best results.

The fixtures and fittings of your bathroom essentially determine the overall experience. You cannot afford to have anything go wrong when it comes to fixtures.

You can count on the Atlas team of bathroom designers to offer creative as well as efficient ideas for your bathroom.

The flooring of your bathroom plays an important role in ensuring safety and usability. The material you use practically determines how friendly your bathroom is for everyone in the house.

Our team of designers can help you build the most efficient and versatile solution, one that is safe and also cost-effective.

The lighting in your bathroom serves not just its functional purpose. It also sets the mood and the ambiance for your shower. A good ambiance can have an immense positive impact on the start of your day, as well as on the way you end every day at home.

Leave it to our Atlas Bathroom Remodelling professionals to ensure that the lighting is on point at all times.