Bathroom Lighting Installation

The bathroom is where you go to groom yourself and get yourself ready to make a stunning entrance into the world. Why shouldn’t you have the perfect lighting in there? Light can change the way you see yourself and highlight the spots that need that little extra attention. That’s why you need a professional bathroom lighting installation. Atlas Bathroom Remodeling Austin has been proudly serving the community for years. Let us help guide you in all manner of lighting installation.

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Making your Bathroom Shine

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for vanity lights, accent lighting, or standard bathroom lighting. Our skilled technicians can trace, run, and connect your electricals to get the right light intensity for your bathroom. It’s about combining the technical with the decorative to create a unique lighting solution, suited to your interior.

Planning and Selecting the Right Bathroom Lighting

Lighting is a varied science, and we’ve done our share of lighting installations to know what works best for both wide open bathrooms and smaller, more cozy interiors. There are several options available for helping to illuminate your bathroom space, including:

These commonly come in 2-light and 3-light varieties, but multiple-light types are also available. They work well in mirrors spaces, once the lights aren’t directed at them. They offer excellent highlighting with soft accents. Some vanity lights even come with glass diffusers, dissipate the light more, and add to the room’s inviting ambiance.

For clients who have a boudoir, sconces offer a great way to get the lighting you need for your personal grooming. Additionally, they add to the decor of your bathroom. Sconces can add personality to an interior space without feeling out of place.

Lighted mirrors are great for casting deferred light. They require professional installation, or else the glare might be too much for some to handle. Newer mirror lighting installations have the lights mounted behind the mirror itself to stop this problem.

Downlights are another great way to add ambiance to a bathroom without the harsh glare of light. They shouldn’t be the primary light source but should serve to accent the existing lights.

Make a Statement

Bathroom lighting gives you a chance to experiment with the ebb and flow of your interior space. Great lighting can turn a drab, unfriendly room into one that’s welcoming and inviting. With the right fixture placement, you can turn your bathroom into a space that you look forward to revisiting time and time again. You shouldn’t do it all on your own, however, let us help.

With years of experience under our belts, Atlas Bathroom Remodeling Austin has been involved in scores of local lighting installations. Our craftsmen take pride in their work, and we aim to please the client. Whether it’s accent lighting or a complete rewiring project, we’ve got you covered. Interested in seeing our work? Feel free to contact us today to schedule a site visit to advise you on how to light your bathroom in the most stellar way possible.