Bathroom Flooring Installation

Bathroom flooring is one of the most important decisions you’re going to make. Not only do your bathroom floors need to be durable and easy to keep clean, but they should also be stylish. It’s not just about functionality. Your bathroom should be a testament to your home’s design and decor. At Atlas Bathroom Remodeling Austin, we’ve dealt with flooring installations covering a vast range of materials and stylistic choices. Our expertise with interior design allows us to help our clients make the best decision possible for their bathroom interiors.

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The Benefit of New Flooring

You might already have bathroom flooring installed, but you might be wondering if it’s time for a change. Bathroom floors go through a lot of stress, and over time they become less than stellar to look at. If you’re considering whether you should replace your floors, then it’s a good bet that you should. With the range of materials available, you have a variety of choices to look into.

New Materials for Fresh Flooring

We’ve noticed the importance of materials in flor design. Texture and decor are both factors that we consider when we advise clients about materials for their flooring. Among the material choices that we offer to clients includes:

High-quality laminate flooring is a perfect tradeoff between ease of cleaning and durability. Over time, laminate flooring may become scuffed and need to be replaced, but they have a pretty long operating life. If you have old laminate flooring that needs replacing, we’d be glad to remove it and use one of the other flooring options we provide.

Vinyl is one of the most durable and versatile flooring materials you can find. They provide an insulated surface that can take on the look of whatever you need for your decor. The vinyl that we use comes in a myriad of designs that you can choose from. Whether it’s faux hardwood or a substitute for ceramic tiling, vinyl is a cost-effective solution for moth bathrooms.

One of the most popular materials we’ve used over the years is ceramic tiles. These are beautiful and can even help reflect the accent lights in your bathroom, making it seem more welcoming. We deal with all the details, from grouting to sanding, giving you a professional finish at the end of the project.

Experiencing the feeling of soft, new carpet is something that you never forget. We enjoy doing carpet installations because they are among the most welcoming of flooring materials. Choosing a carpet design that accentuates your interior decor for your bathroom is also a critical part of the process. Let us advise you on what we think would suit your bathroom best.

Dedicated Flooring Installation Professionals

In Austin, bathroom flooring installations require a bit of skill. At Atlas Bathroom Remodeling Austin, we’ve dedicated ourselves to learning which interior decors work well together, and the most efficient way to install them. You don’t want just any contractor working on your bathroom floors. Choose a name that carries weight in Texas. Give us a call today, and let’s turn your bathroom into a living work of art.