Bathroom Design

If there’s one thing that the people of Austin are very particular about, it is aesthetics. Whether it is for their house, their bathroom, their landscape, or their office, Austinites have very specific ideas and visions in their mind of what they want the end result to look like.

We, at Atlas Bathroom Remodeling, know and understand that very well. We know just how important it is for every single element of your house to come together.

And that is why we have a dedicated team of professionals to design beautiful bathrooms for you!

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Our Bathroom Design Services

Every element of your bathroom, regardless of the size or the space it takes, contributes to its overall look and ambiance. From the type of faucet you fit, to the color and design of the tiles you use, there are a number of key aspects that define your bathroom experience.

We have qualified bathroom designers specialized in different elements of design and structure to make sure your bathroom not only turns out functional and convenient for use but also aesthetically top class.

Our range of services in bathroom design includes:

The flooring of your bathroom forms the base of the entire design. It also spells out the safety and usability of the bathroom. For example, textured tiles can provide extra grip and stability. This makes it friendlier for seniors and children.

A lot of factors like these have to be taken into consideration when deciding the flooring for your bathroom.

Atlas Bathroom Remodeling provides an efficient team of designers with expertise and extensive knowledge of all aspects of flooring.

Needless to say, it is the fixtures and fittings that constitute the structural elements of a bathroom. This includes the toilet, the shower, the faucet, the bathtub, etc. The placement, as well as the finish of all of these elements, affects the overall look and convenience of a bathroom.

Atlas Bathroom Remodeling offers expert solutions to suit all your needs and preferences.

The lighting in your bathroom sets the mood and ambiance for your entire shower experience. Delightful warm lighting can offer peaceful and relaxing vibes, whereas sharp lighting can ensure the utmost clarity. Similarly, different settings can affect your bathroom experience in many ways.

Our team of professionals can provide multiple options to enhance your bath and shower routines.

The décor, of course, adds the final touches to your bathroom, the little elements that pull together the whole look of the space. Starting from the curtains to the glass elements, our team of designers will advise you on everything you need.

Cabinets are very important constituents of any bathroom. They have to be convenient for use and also should go with the theme of the bathroom. At the same time, they also have to be spacious enough.
Only experts like our design team can come up with perfect cabinetry solutions for households.

Our Team Is Waiting To Give Your Bathroom A Makeover

To give your bathroom a makeover and to enhance your shower experience, talk to our experts, and discuss your options.